The best-kept secret of America's wealthy.

Learn to take advantage of one of America's safest and most rewarding investment strategies; tax lien investing.
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A program designed for simplistic and efficient tax lien investing.

01. Learn

The first step to successfully investing in tax lien certificates is understanding the fundamentals of how tax liens work, how to find good deals, avoid bad deals, and understanding nuance to sidestep potential mistakes. 

02. Find and Research

Once you understand the basics of tax lien investing, we provide tools and resources to make finding and researching potential tax lien investments dramatically simpler. Our tax lien tools are second-to-none!

03. Invest

After you're educated, you've used the Tax Lien Code tools and resources to find tax lien investments that meet your criteria (watch the training video for more info on setting criteria), use the Tax Lien Code Marketplace and tools to prepare to invest and manage your investments.

12 Billion

Available annual tax liens.

Each year, over $12,000,000,000 in property taxes are unpaid and become available as tax lien certificates to investors.


People taught by our team.

Our team of authors, educators, and coaches have taught over 40,000 individuals how tax lien investing works and how to be successful.

5 Stars

Our clients love us.

With such a long track record of providing premium products, and an emphasis on taking care of customers, our clients love us.

25 Percent

State-mandated rates.

Tax lien certificates have state-mandated interest rates attached to them, which range from 8% to 25% annually. And they don't change.
Supporting government, property owners, and self.


County Government

The government wins because they get money needed right away to fund programs like public education, police, and fire departments.

Property Owner

The property owner wins because the county is able to get the money that they need so the property owner is given more time to pay their taxes.

Tax Lien Investor

The tax lien certificate holder wins because they earn a state-mandated interest rate on their investment and it is backed by the subject property.



Client Reviews

As with all investments, there is an element of risk associated with this investment strategy. Interest rates are state mandated, each tax lien certificate is backed by real estate, and tax liens are regulated by state and county governments,  but there is still a chance that you could lose part or all of your investment. No matter which investment vehicle you choose, it’s crucial to become educated and invest prudently.