About Tax Lien Code.

The global leader in tax lien and real estate investing education and investment tools.

A message from our founder Brian.

Tax lien investing has proven to be one of the safest and most rewarding investment strategies that I've ever encountered; and I'm not alone. For hundreds of years, the most successful money managers, financial institutions, and sophisticated individuals have been buying tax lien certificates as a primary investment for their portfolios, and we have been teaching individuals how to invest using the secrets and techniques that they use. With over twelve years of active teaching, and over 40,000 students taught by our team members, we are excited to share the knowledge and tools that we've acquired. Welcome to Tax Lien Code.


As a company, we focus on delivering products and services that adhere to the following core values:

Commitment to Customers

We are nothing without the students with which we get to share our knowledge and investment tools. We, too, are customers every day, and we understand the crucial need that every client have positive experiences when they interact with our team members, receive accurate and timely answers to their burning questions, and have products, services, and tools that exceed their expectations.

This isn’t a simple job, but we commit to our clients to make every effort to develop excellent services and products, and to always treat our students with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

Quality and Innovation

We take incredible pride in the products that we have developed and offer to our clients, and we fully understand how crucial it is that we remain at the forefront in delivering second-to-none services and tools for our students.

We commit to deliver quality products, tools, and services that will aid in our students ability to succeed in this incredible investment space; we also commit to ever innovate and deliver new education pieces, tools, and resources as the industry changes and new information becomes available.

Continuous Activity and Learning

We believe that in order to create quality products and continue to innovate those products and education pertaining to each subject, it’s vital that our team remains actively investing in tax liens and real estate. 

We commit to our students that we will continuously invest in tax liens and real estate in order to stay on top of changes and innovations in the industry.