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Tax Lien Code is an education company that specializes in teaching individuals and investment companies how to exploit the exciting opportunity in tax lien certificates. With over two decades of experience, millions of dollars successfully invested, thousands of deals completed, and tens of thousands of students taught, the Tax Lien Code team is the most sought after tax lien investing education company in the world.

Tax Lien Code has some information available for non-members; however, the bulk of the information and tools are available only to Tax Lien Code members.

Members of Tax Lien Code receive ongoing support through phone, email, and chat with tax lien investing experts, a live-three day workshop, a 21-day Quickstart Guide, which if followed will get you into your first tax lien certificate in 21 days, a Tax Lien Bible, which is a training book that will provide you with a necessary foundation to get started, access to the website for a year including 5 crucial learning modules with brief assignments and quizzes, a State Reference Guide, so you know exactly the best places to invest, bonus downloads, a terms glossary,  a list of helpful resources, and access to our exclusive Marketplace of primary auction and OTC tax lien certificates, live auctions, and due diligence tools!

The current retail price to attend the three-day training and Tax Lien Code education kit is $1,497.

It’s crucial that every student understand how tax lien investing works before investing, so we begin with a thorough and precise education. Throughout the education we provide assignments that help the student through their first investment. Our goal is to have every student make their first investment within 21 days, and if the student follows the assignments, that is easily accomplished. 

From there, we support and encourage clients to do more and to grow their business. We stand at the ready to answer questions and help along the way.

Over the past couple of decades, we’ve had over 20,000 people sign up for our education programs to learn how to successfully invest in tax liens.

Our team has been investing and teaching tax lien and real estate investing strategies successfully for a combined 30 years. 

There’s no one better in the world. 

Absolutely. It’s a requirement. But not only that, our team members love the strategy and continue to invest and innovate.

For $1,497, students will receive three days of live training from a professional, they will have access to the Tax Lien Code Marketplace (monthly data fee applies), which is a proprietary software that provides lists of tax lien certificates and tax deeds, due diligence tools, and tracking tools for student investments, students receive the 21 Quickstart Guide, which, if followed, will get students into their first investment in 21 days, the Tax Lien Code Bible, which is an in depth introduction to how to be successful with this strategy, the 5 Training Modules online, that are over 20 video trainings that sequentially take students through the most important information points to quickly be successful, the Unlocking the Code eBook, the State Reference Guide, which provides information about every US state to know where best to invest, the Glossary of crucial terms, links to updated Online Auctions and Sales, links to Helpful Resources, Bonus Downloads, and, of course, access to our incredible staff for Support.

Of course. For students that would like extra hand-holding, advanced training, events, and workshops, additional shortcuts, or to take their business to another level, additional programs and coaching can be made available for those interested.

The Tax Lien Code Marketplace provides up-to-date data for primary and over-the-counter auctions; consequently, clients who retain access to the Marketplace must pay a monthly fee for access to that data. The basic membership of $39.97/month allows due diligence access to 50 properties and additional tiers are available for more serious investors.

Refunds are not available for the Marketplace monthly fees; however, the student can cancel the Marketplace access at any time without sacrificing their membership to Tax Lien Code. Students can reactivate the Marketplace at any time as well.

Simply send an email to Customer Support at support@taxliencode.com or fill out the Contact Us for here and our team will quickly review the request and award the cancellation or refund if within the bounds set in the Terms

Simply contact Customer Support at support@taxliencode.com or by filling out the Contact Us form here.

The Customer Service Hotline (888-333-9403) is the general customer service line for the introductory packages, the Diamond Line is exclusive to our Diamond advanced students, and the Coaching Resource Line is exclusive for students enrolled in one-on-one coaching packages.

Tax Lien Certificates

A tax lien is a legal claim against the assets of an individual or business who fails to pay taxes owed to the government. In general, a lien serves to guarantee payment of a debt such as a loan or, in this case, taxes. If the obligation is not satisfied, the creditor may proceed to seize the assets.


A tax lien is issued against a property by the county government in response to unpaid property taxes. 

A tax lien certificate is a private instrument issued by the county government and is sold through a public tax lien sale in an attempt to collect the same amount owed to them from the delinquent property taxes.

The power of a tax lien certificate comes because the county government issues the tax lien and creates the tax lien certificate. The tax lien was not created by an individual, it was created by the government, which gives the tax lien certificate its power and priority over other liens. 

When an investor purchases a tax lien certificate from the county, the county assigns their interest/position in the tax lien to the investor giving the investor the same priority and power as the county. 

This gives the investor priority during foreclosure.

Tax lien certificates are generally offered through a public tax lien sale. Some states offer these sales live and in person at the county courthouse while others have taken their sales online.

It’s important to know what to look for and what to avoid in order to not purchase tax lien certificates on properties that could cause trouble or a loss of investment capital.

No, tax lien certificates are not guaranteed. There are ways to lose money, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

However, the interest rates for tax lien certificates are mandated by each state in their state statutes. 

For instance, Florida State Statute 197.172 states, “Real property taxes shall bear interest at the rate of 18 percent per year from the date of delinquency…”

Arizona State Statute 42-18053 states, “All taxes bear interest from the time of delinquency at the rate of 16 percent per year simple until paid.”

Every tax lien certificate is also backed by the real estate upon which the tax lien was issued. If the property owner fails to pay the delinquent property taxes after a certain grace period (redemption period), then the investor has the opportunity to take ownership of the property through foreclosure.

This is why it’s important to have the right knowledge, team, and tools to identify and invest in only the best tax lien certificates.


Every tax lien certificate is backed by the real estate property upon which the tax lien was issued. If the property owner does not pay the unpaid property taxes plus fees and interest within a certain period of time (redemption period), then the tax lien certificate holder has the right to foreclose to take ownership of the property. They are not required to, of course, but if foreclosure isn’t started by the tax lien certificate holder within a certain period of time (statute of limitations), for example, seven years in Florida, then the certificate will expire.

It’s crucial to know what you’re buying before investing and to have a viable exit strategy, which is why education and mentoring is crucial.

The majority of tax lien certificates are paid off by the property owner meaning the tax lien investor gets their money back plus interest instead of acquiring the property.

There are ways to identify investments that are more likely to be redeemed or more likely to acquire the real estate.

It depends.

Navigating county lists, performing due diligence, interacting with counties, attending and competing at auctions, and executing exit strategies can be daunting to figure out on your own, which is why most people don’t get past the first steps.

With the right help and tools, the strategy can every step can become simple.

If you’re beginning to invest in tax liens on your own, then tax lien investing can be very time consuming. With help and the right tools, it can become extremely fast and simple, and will become more simple and quick with practice.

There is no capital requirement to invest in tax lien certificates; however, it’s largely an interest game so the more money that you have working, the more money you’ll make.

There are tax liens for as little as $5 and for as much as $1,000,000. What’s important is starting wherever you can today, gaining experience, and growing your business.

Thousands of people make their living in the tax lien investing industry. Of course, it’s possible to make a living in tax lien investing and real estate. Will you replace your income? Only you can answer that question, but you must begin with one tax lien, and grow your business to answer your question. 

Most state-mandated interest rates range between 12 – 18 percent. Some are as low as 8 percent, and some are as high as 25 percent. 

We usually recommend that individuals begin investing tax lien certificate or tax deeds in their home county because they have an advantage living where other investors around the country do not. If your home county is not suitable for your investment strategy, then consider a state or county that offers their tax lien sales and over-the-counter sales online. Many counties in Florida, Arizona, Colorado, and California offer their sales online. 

There is a page dedicated to online tax lien sales and auctions for members only.

An hour… A day… A month… 

It’s hard for us to say how soon you can be successful as a tax lien investor because every individual gets to decide how they will use our tools and education. Using our education and tools, it can take as little as fifteen minutes to buy a tax lien certificate, then of course it’s a matter of waiting for redemption to make your money plus interest. Some people are not members of our system or they drag their feet at every step, so the timeline for their success is prolonged.

No, you can figure out how to find tax sales lists, perform due diligence, avoid dangerous investments, and execute exit strategies on your own, but a common practice for novices in any industry, including our founders, is to hire a coach or mentor. 

Having a coach or mentor can greatly accelerate the learning process and can provide crucial shortcuts to make money sooner, and especially, avoid costly mistakes.