Welcome to the Tax Lien Code Learning Modules


Welcome to the Tax Lien Code training modules. 

We’re excited to welcome you to the program.  By the end of these video training series, you should be comfortable with the fundamentals of tax lien and deed investing.

Each module includes three to five brief, precise videos that discuss a specific subject and can be watched as many times as you’d like. Pause, take notes, take the assignments seriously, and spend as much time as necessary to fully understand each subject. Each module concludes with a brief quiz, which ensures that you understand the basics of the module before proceeding to the next.

Once you complete each step of a specific module including taking the brief quiz, the next module will become available to you, but not beforehand.

We will start with the simplest explanations of what tax liens are then slowly introduce more detailed information to help you progressively understand as much as possible.

Through the first three sessions we will discuss the basics of tax lien investing, tax deed investing, and redemption deed investing.  Each is a different type of investment and requires specialized knowledge. In these first sessions, we will take a 30,000-foot view and talk about their similarities and differences.  In session four, we will discuss investor profiles, which will determine which strategy you should pursue, and in turn, in which states you should invest.  By the end of the first four sessions, you should have an understanding of the basics of the strategy and know which investment strategy makes the most sense for your current position.

In the next training modules, we will discuss county structures, auction methods and how to succeed, due diligence and researching deals, avoiding bad deals, foreclosures, retirement accounts, power teams, investment resources, and much more.

We want to do everything that we can to help you become comfortable with this strategy and gain the confidence needed for you to go invest.

We’re excited to welcome you to this training series and website!

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