Tax Lien Code Reviews

See what other clients, just like you, have to say about our education, trainings, and team!

Alvin & Ophelia

“We’re in the process of building our empire… This system has opened our eyes to possibilities that we never saw possible… and this system will work for us!

Within the past two weeks and at the Foundation meeting, we purchased ten tax liens… and we’re happy to report today that six tax lien have already been redeemed! …and the other four are ready for TDA.

We’ll get there! Nothing will stop us!”

Jeff B.

“I’ve really enjoyed the training up to this point in time. I’ve jumped in with both feet… so far I’ve bought 5 tax deeds. I’ve got one of them under contract… for $15,000, which gives me about a $6,000 profit. 

It’s just been a great deal of fun, a lot of enjoyment, and a lot of knowledge has been passed to us!

I highly suggest it for anyone that wants to change their course in life!”


“I’ve always wanted to get into real estate investing, but I really just didn’t know how to or where to even start. I didn’t know anyone around me that knew anything about it. I just took and chance and decided to go for it! The last few months, I’ve had a great mentorship…

I bought a few tax liens, and I actually just wholesaled my first property about a week ago… and I made more doing that than I did working two months in the construction field.


“I was excited to see the new prospects of building investments. I went to the training and I purchased my first tax lien. The exciting part is that I got it redeemed in a two weeks!

That really motivated me to get into more classes!

Hopefully this year is going to be a great investment year!”

“Great Place to get educated and invest on tax lien and deed auctions. Tax lien code has a strong educational system and with help of highly experienced instructors can guide you in every process of getting started to purchase liens and deeds. Financial knowledge learnt at the best!”


“I had been looking at Tax Liens as another investment opportunity and saw the ad for the informational event. Attended the event, liked what I saw, and purchased the additional training. The classes are taught by active knowledgeable investors. The training has helped develop tax lien and property acquisition strategies. While at the trainings you are encouraged to act. At the classes, I have bought several liens and even real estate.”


“I am almost done with all the traveling and the training courses. This is a very expensive fast track learning experience, but I would not change it for the world. The staff is great and meeting new people from all over has been awesome. Hope to see you on the other side of success with me…”

B. D.

Belinda B.

“…I just felt like God was leading me to do something better for my family’s generational wealth, and that’s what I feel like tax liens is going to do for me, is get me to that next level, where I’m going to need to have estate planning and things like that, to where I can pass along to my 4 children… houses, wealth, and knowledge…”

Teresa & Andrew

“We just relocated here from New Mexico with the intent of becoming full-time investors. We came and found Tax Lien Code as an opportunity to find properties that we weren’t aware of before. It’s a way for us to acquire properties that can be rentals, flip properties that we can buy at a discount without having to go to a wholesaler or an auction… we’re hoping to just increase our portfolio, have a lot of properties, and create a legacy to hand down to our kids and grandkids.”

Steve L.

“I’m trying to prepare for later on, and I also want to help with my kids and their life, too. I’ve thought about getting into real estate before. I’ve got one before, fixed it, flipped it… a lot of work. And then just trying to figure out how to do this on a better scale, more efficient scale… but I came into this for the tax liens. I thought, ‘That’s an interesting idea!’

While here at the expo I’ve picked up about ten more tax liens… this is easy…

“This gave me the best opportunity to start this real estate business off on the right foot”

Christina S - Tampa

“I bought 1 tax lien – what I needed to get started.”

William L - Houston

“This knowledge is invaluable. I can change my life with this, but others as well. I bought my first lien. The first of many to come.”

Billy H - Houston

Angela C.

“I want to be a real estate investor!

Life happened and I became a single parent, so I had to set aside the dream. I’ve always loved real estate, taken real estate classes…

My heart is to learn investing, financial literacy, and real estate and begin to put something together to change that around…

It’s really exciting! The more I learn the more I can share, and we’re gonna turn this thing around!

Gary & Merrie Lynn

“We realized we’d been thinking about money wrong our whole lives… [Robert Kiyosaki] talked about tax lien investing… we heard the radio ad for Tax Lien Code. We attended the hour long seminar… which turned into, ‘This is what we want to do for the rest of our lives!’

We bought our first tax lien this weekend at the Tax Lien Expo!

We’re on the path!”

“I had heard about tax liens and wanted to see if I could buy some. I attended the live event and learned things I never knew and really liked it. I’m hoping to start buying them like that taught.”


“This was an amazing experience and definitely is worth the time and money! Melvin and Maurice were awesome and extremely informative!!”


“Very well organized and I am greatfull for the information given. Looking forward to a future 3 day class. Thank you all involved.”


“This was an amazing class! I am so grateful for the speaker being so clear and simple! I understood EVERYTHING!!!”


“I’ve attended one of their workshop in Vancouver and was delighted about the amount of knowledge they have shared with us, it’s a great value if you are an action taker…

Overall, I would recommend the workshop to my friends/family and I believe it’s still doable with the customer support they provide. I will provide an update in a few months to see how it goes.”



“I joined Tax Lien Code to broaden my portfolio…

I hope to spread the knowledge… to share it with my children and grandchildren, because I see a lot of opportunity with real estate.

The neat part of the trainings and Expo has really been the networking and variety… understanding the challenges that we’re going to face but yet overcoming those, and I look forward to doing that!”

Tony & Claudia

We love it!

We decided to sign up for Tax Lien Code… because we want to change our lives, our children’s lives…

Something that we’ve learned right away… is the fact that these investments are government secured. That minimizes the risk. I’m conservative… I don’t want to necessarily lose money, I want to grow money… this is a great way to do that.


“I wanted to regain my time and my life back… also to teach my children that they can have full control over their lives, and it just so happens to be through real estate.

I’m still a little nervous… not really scared of failure, but more scared of the success! 

So far, I’ve enjoyed all of the information! I get excited every time I attend a different class… when I leave I’m just ready to go.

I’m just excited!

“For over 20 years, Tax Lien was a desire. This 3 day Tax Lien Code workshop opened new possibilities. Awesome workshop!”


“Tax Lien Code 3 Day course was great and I’m glad I attended. Great overview of different strategies for real estate investments. Looking forward to attending the advance courses and start implementing what was learned.”


“This is my first time getting into tax lien investing. The staff is so amazing. Very informative and helpful. I am so excited to be getting started! I can’t say enough good things about them!



“I love the fact that there are ways to find other forms of money to help me build something for my future. I need to do something that gives me returns on the regular. This program seems to be the perfect avenue for me.

Through the training sessions that I’ve attended thus far, I’ve been very happy with the coaches that have been teaching us strategies and techniques… just about what this business is and what it can do for you.”

Milton H.

“I wanted to make sure that I could start some kind of generational wealth. I’m in it, first and foremost, to make money, but basically, a lot of it is for the knowledge, the knowledge to be able to train my family members and my friends… to show them that the investment I put into this works! 

I look forward to this venture with Tax Lien Code! I truly believe in them.

Amber & Leah

“We are interested in tax liens and tax deeds. We’re at the very beginning of this, but it’s all new to us. 

We’ve been looking to purchase some, and today we will! It’ll be our first one today… it’s good to go! I just need to push the button.

We hope to grow exponentially from here investing in tax liens, tax deeds, fix and flips, and possibly rentals!”